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Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to Diamonds 4 Life & our jewellery products and services, if you can't find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to Contact Us for further information.

1 Can I purchase a piece from your Gallery?


All of the designs can be replicated to suit your own particular tastes. If, for example, you like one of the rings in the Gallery but would prefer a different stone or metal, that’s no problem. We have a range of popular designs in store, or we can create a bespoke piece, made specifically for you, and unique.

2 Do you offer a Warranty?


Yes, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all workmanship and materials, ensuring you peace of mind that your custom piece of jewellery will last for years to come.

3 How long have you been in business?


Diamonds 4 Life are a totally 100% Australian family owned and operated company offering a comprehensive range of custom jewellery services.  We have been operating in Melbourne's north for over 8 years, and at our current showroom for the last 4 years.  No job is too hard or too small, you can be assured you will receive the best product and service for your requirements.

4 How long will it take to create my custom jewellery?


Custom jewellery manufacture time frames will depend on your specific requirements and the size of your order. We are experienced in manufacturing a wide range of custom jewellery & undertake to finish your order in a convenient and timely manner. Your job can be prioritised upon request and you will be advised of time frames when placing your order.

5 How much will it cost to have an engagement or wedding ring custom made?


Most rings on our website range between $-000 and $-000. However, saying that, we do try to work to any budget – most things are possible. Most people will have an idea of what they would like to spend and we can work within that budget.

6 How prepared should I be with ideas for my new custom piece?


An idea is enough. We will devote an hour (or 2!) to sit down with you and discuss what you are looking for, provide you with sketches and give you advice as to wearability and any limitations with choice of stones or type of metal. We always encourage clients to discuss their preferences during the design process, it's an important decision and it needs to be right. We all have our own individual style and taste, based on budget, so you are welcome to bring design ideas to allow us to customise a piece just right for you, that you'll love wearing.

7 Is it more expensive to have jewellery custom made?


A custom designed ring should cost you no more than a ring in a reputable jewellers. Diamonds 4 Life are a smaller store who don't have to cover the high overheads of multiple outlets, employees, bills etc and so we can pass on these savings to our customers.

8 What is the process in designing my custom piece of jewellery?


Having a bespoke ring commissioned can be a daunting process. Here is an idea of the process involved.

  1. To begin the process, a simple email or call is enough, or drop into our showroom to see our range and we can make an appointment for a design consultation.
  2. At your consultation you can let us know what kind of ring you are thinking of, bring pictures of designs, or just share your ideas. Some clients are 100% sure of what they want. Others are 1% sure. That’s ok! We’ll ask questions that come from years of experience in order for us to reach a final design and choose stones and metal. We'll put together some preliminary sketches of your design, then later use our CAD design software to come up with a 3D model of your design, obligation free.
  3. We'll send a quote with the cost and time frame for completion. The design, stones, and metal to be used in your custom ring will be finalised to ensure you're 100% happy. A 50% deposit is paid and we'll get started creating your custom piece.
  4. You'll be kept informed at all stages of the process and when your ring is ready we'll contact you to arrange a viewing. The remainder of the cost is paid and the ring is yours!