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Why Dora? Because a wedding band is for life and like your marriage, it should stand the test of time. Dora creates rings with this in mind. Their wedding rings are made for men who value quality. A new generation who wears his wedding band with pride and admiration, not just for what it symbolises, but for how it looks and wears. Dora specialises in wedding rings because that is their sole business. Dora have been helping grooms get it right since 1994. Come in and see our range of quality Dora gents rings. Visit Dora.


Infinity rings are uniquely crafted to exude class and sophistication with an air of masculine distinction. ´╗┐´╗┐Their impressive range of men’s wedding rings are designed to signify your unique commitment while allowing you to express your individual style and personal taste. Born from timeless quality, the Infinity range is inspired by both classic and modern designs that embody European craftsmanship throughout the finest of details. Visit Infinity.